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If you have any questions, or if you would like to hear more about the marriage ministry here at Coastline,
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Putting God FIRST in Your Marriage!

Coastline's Marriage Ministry is a volunteer led ministry that exists to strengthen Coastline marriages, assist couples in crisis, and mentor engaged couples as they prepare to be married. It is also our desire to foster a sense of community among Coastline married couples of all ages.


Let's face it - being married can get tough. If you and your spouse find yourselves struggling to preserve your relationship, or perhaps you simply want to make a good marriage better, we are here to help. Coastline has a team of trained marriage mentors who are eager to come alongside you as a couple.
To register for mentoring through Coastline, both husband and wife fill out a mentor request form using the following links:

After registering, you will be asked to pay a fee of $75 to cover the cost of materials.

We are here for you!

As mentees, you'll meet in the home of a Coastline mentor couple for 6 - 10 working sessions.  This couple is volunteering their time to help you strengthen your relationship and refresh your marriage, and has been trained to use a biblically-based approach developed by Matt Loehr, Director of Mentoring at Love and Respect Ministries. CLICK HERE

During the initial session, you'll meet your mentor couple and take an in-depth survey that serves to identify areas that need strengthening in your marriage.  Your results will then be used throughout the mentoring process as your mentor couple provides guidance, tools, truth and love to help you walk through the issues towards solutions.
Our mentors are trained to meet you where you are and help you in every area, and are committed to keeping your mentoring sessions confidential.  We've seen God work life-changing miracles of restoration in hurting marriages at Coastline as couples go through this program, and we pray you will experience the same.


Personalized mentoring is available to encourage and equip engaged couples as they prepare for the great adventure called marriage.

Congratulations on your Engagement!

Let Coastline's Marriage Ministry help you get your marriage off to a great start. We offer relevant and personalized hands-on mentoring utilizing a customized program that encourages you to build better communication and conflict resolution skills as you prepare for a lifetime together. You'll be paired with a trained mentor couple who will walk you through topics such as personality, compatibility, husband/wife roles, parenting, finances, and goal setting. This approximately 16 hour course typically takes about 3 months to complete, so be sure to register well in advance of your wedding date.

To register for premarital mentoring through Coastline, both of you will need to fill out a mentor request form using the following links:

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