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COVE Check-in

Starting October 4, 2020 - 9AM service (only)
At Coastline, we understand that taking care of our littlest guests is one of our biggest responsibilities. Our trained volunteers have provided a safe and nurturing environment for your child to explore their first impressions of God through age appropriate crafts, hands-on Bible stories, active games, and worship!

Our Objective

Each week, we want your children to CONNECT with volunteers and other children and DISCOVER something new about God before they leave the room. We create an open environment for your child to grow in the Lord, ask questions about the Bible, speak their mind about life, and gain lifelong friendships with believers their age.


Ages 0 - 23 months

Our Manatee Cove is a trusting, safe, clean, and nurturing environment with caring volunteers who love babies. We believe children are never too young to begin learning about the love and character of God. Our goal is that from this very early stage, they will begin to develop a growing walk with Jesus.


Ages 2

Our Pelican Cove provides an inviting, safe, friendly, and loving environment with a fun and creative atmosphere that is developmentally appropriate. We incorporate both play time and curriculum for 2-year-olds, where they continue to engage in learning about the love and character of God.


Ages 3 - 4

Our Coral Cove is a safe, healthy, friendly, and loving environment where the goal is to meet the spiritual, mental, and emotional needs of our preschoolers while educating them through teaching Bible truths in a fun, creative and relevant way using hands on activities, music, and crafts.



Our Turtle Cove is a safe, healthy, friendly, and loving environment that fosters learning Biblical truths in a fun, creative, and relevant way. As with all age levels, children are loved and cared for by each of their leaders who invest their time influencing children in their faith and walk with Jesus.


Ages 6 - 12

In the Lil Rippers, we believe your relationship with God grows through connection and discovery. We provide a place for you to connect with amazing leaders and other kids, and we help you discover who God is each week.

Sunday Morning Check-ins

At the Cove, we strive to provide a safe and secure place for your children to learn about God. Our check-in and badge system allows us to make sure the appropriate children leave with the right family. It also allows us to contact you in case of an emergency. Parents or guardians are required to show their badge at check-out to release their kids. While your children are learning and worshipping, a security guard is watching all the Cove entrances and a community police officer is monitoring our wing. We value that you have entrusted your children to us and we will always do our best to keep them safe.

9AM Service Check-in

8:45am – 9:15am

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